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Re: non-catholic churches with valid sacraments

Quote: From Catholic Answers July 27, 2010

Originally Posted by choy.

So besides the Orthodox, which other non-Catholic groups do we recognize as having valid sacraments? I think it would start with groups with valid priesthood. So which of the other schismatic groups do we still recognize as having valid Sacraments?

Answer: I'm not trying to encourage people to go to these groyups, but I think this is information that's good to know just in case we're backed into that situation where there is someone who can help us and we don't refuse that help just because we didn't know better.

The charismatic Catholic Church of Canada

The Old Catholics

The Polish National Church

and the Sedes (yes even them!)

Catholic Reformed Church

These are all considered to have valid Orders therefore valid Sacraments..

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Un Mensaje de Respuestas Catolicas en 27 de Julio, 2010

Asi que ademas de los ortodoxos, que otros grupos no catolicos podemos reconocer come tener sacramento validos? Creo que seria comenzar con grupos con sacerdocio valido. Entonces, Cual de los otros grupos cismaticos que todavia reconcen come tener sacramentos validos?

No estoy tratando de animar a la gente a ir a estos grupos, pero creo que esta es la informacion que es bueno saber si acaso estamos respaldados en esa situacion en la que hay alguien que nos puede ayudar y no negarse que la ayuda solo porque no sabemos mejor.

La Iglesia Catolica Carismatica de Canada

Los Viejos Catolicos

La Iglesia Nacional Polaca

Y el Sedes (Si, incluso ellos!)

Catolica Iglesia Reformada

Todos ellos se considera que tienen ordenes validas, por lo tanto sacramentos validos.