An American Catholic Community in Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Holy Spirit Cathedral

Tithing & Donations

Through PayPal®, Holy Spirit Cathedral is able to receive donations and weekly tithing via credit and debit cards! Consider this option if you are unable to donate in person or via mail.

*Note: Due to credit/debt card transaction processing, PayPal® has a fee of 5.9% (almost six cents for every dollar donated).

  • For instance: If you wanted to donate $20.00, the church would receive $18.82, and Paypal's® fee is $1.18. Please keep this in mind when tithing, as you will see the discrepancies in your Church Tithing receipts distributed in February. We apologize for this inconvenience.

you are NOT required to have a PayPal® account in order to donate (but if you have one, it would be preferred)! Just follow the instructions after you click the donate button.

General Donations:

Weekly Tithing:

On your Credit Card Statement, payments will show up as either:

If you want to specify how the church will put your donations and tithes to use, use the "Add special instructions to the seller:" option after you have logged into to PayPal® or entered your credit card information, but before you press the final "Donate $ Now" button.